How to be brave and have longer hairs

The real warrior is one who can take over the lost battle. However, my life was not less than a battlefield. The separation of my mom and dad affected my life so badly that I couldn’t even focus on my studies. It is not easy for a child to be called a duffer and a low grade student when she really wants to study but cannot, due to the problematic situations at home. I still remember the days at school when my classmates used to tease me for not getting my test copies signed by parents and not showing up at Parents Teacher Meeting. I would have gone through it but the divorce of my parents torn me apart.

At a very young age, I developed this mental disorder Trichotillomania, also called hair-pulling disorder. It is a condition in which any man or woman starts pulling their hair and finds it quite pleasing and stress relieving. This usually happens when a person is under a huge trauma or depression. So, they start pulling their hair from the scalp which makes them happy. So this mental disorder caught me badly. This went on for 10 years. After getting myself medically treated and attending thousands of psychiatrist’s sessions, I was coming back to life and was recovering from the trauma I faced earlier. Eventually, I was not a patient of Trichotillomania but the struggle was not over yet.

Initially, the hair that was plucked from the head grew back but the constant pulling of hair led the decrease in number of hair follicle on my head. I was going bald. I wouldn’t have cared if I was a boy but I did not want to look ugly. I started finding means on internet to grow my hair back and was literally hopeless but then an article caught my eye, was the most amazing thing I ever knew since now.

It was an article about Dr. CYJ hair filler. It is basically a gel that contains numerous peptides that nourishes hair and hyaluronic acid that are already present in our hair follicles and helps in growing them back. It can only be inserted through injections by an expert that means a more research to be done on genuine products and after a milestone I decide to go for Hyaldirect as an expert is going to get you treated with qualitative products.

Honestly, I was not even sure of my hair would ever grow back again. I never thought what would I do if this won’t work for me but I feel overly joy when I see my head is no more bald and hair are starting to grow back to normal again. I do not only feel pretty from outside but my inner self is also very satisfied by using Dr. CYJ hair filler.

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